THE CHEMIST – Spray Paint or Praise (Still a Statue In The Wind)

December 16, 2012  |  Review

THE CHEMIST – Spray Paint or Praise (still a statue in the wind)

(Dirt Diamonds)

> The Chemist offers a truly time warpy experience with their latest single.

The Chemist, an up and coming Perth band, offers a truly unique experience with their first offering. Spray Paint Praise at first would leave the common man stumbled… “Have I heard this before?” “What genre is this?” “Does this sound like somebody I know?” But the grammar qualities, sentence structure or even downright sense of the answer is thrown out the window, as “no” is the only appropriate response to any of these questions (in a good way).

This song has the silkiness of Amy Winehouse, the poppy oddballism (new word!) of the B52’s, the grittiness of Captain Beefheart, the druggy dizziness of Jefferson Airplane and the downright rawness of PJ Harvey, so you can be excused on not being able to pin their exact aura down. Speaking of aura, this band seems to be fresh out of a DeLorean as their sound lends itself beautifully to the spiritual awakening of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The music video is a perfect match to this too, as it almost makes the song out to be an old Sean Connery, James Bond tune, with a bit of a heavier twist of course. The vocals are gritty and low quality (in terms of technical application), the guitar is a whirling, reverbablasting (another new word!) beast, and the drums suck everything tight. I’ll be very interested to see the future of The Chemist, as this song certainly has me intrigued.


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