DROPKICK MURPHEYS – Signed and Sealed In Blood

February 4, 2013  |  Review

DROPKICK MURPHYS – Signed and Sealed In Blood

(Dew Process)

> Let’s get nuts!

I personally can’t think of a band that you can get nuts to more than the Dropkick Murphys. You can easily imagine their Celtic rock shocking through the air in a cosy Irish bar, as the patrons got down and dirty and danced like their lives depended on it. Everyone ignoring their differences, and joining together in a good ol’ drunken barn dance. That’s what this music is all about, and I really love that. During certain songs, I just had to say, “yes!” as some really spoke to me and displayed what I’m personally looking for in a band. The Murphys really speak for the common man, the workers on someone else’s farm or the honest labourers in a country town. They’re down to earth and know for sure whom they’re playing to.

As The Boys Are Back, the first song on the album, first filtered through my speakers, I was asking myself “is this the right CD?” Loving, fast paced acoustic guitar isn’t something that usually comes to mind when you think of the Boston boys. But as each instrument crashed in, and the song got bigger and bigger, I could tell their fingerprints were indeed all over this introduction. As the lyrics go, the boys are definitely back, and this song set the tone for the album. This album displays something deeper to the Dropkick Murphys. A lot of slower, sparser songs are present here. These don’t slow the album down at all though! They add a deeper value if anything, and display their talents as songwriters. The songs (12 in total) are full of passion and love and are short and to the point, making you eager to hear the different ideas that introduce themselves over the album. I personally had never sat down and listened to an entire album of the Dropkick Murphys before, but it was an experience I really enjoyed. I’d recommend it folks!


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