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Homed by Byron Bay the Splendour In The Grass festival is on it’s way around the corner again and the excitement is loudly humming across the country. The hype for this incredible three day festival pretty well begins the moment the previous year ends! Eight months onward and the rumour mill is spinning rapidly, dropping big names such as Outkast, Sky Ferreira, Beck and Foster The People. (Not at all a confirmation – we are just as in the dark as you guys!) So one can only imagine the delirium surrounding the annual jamboree.
The eagerness has now been fed with the announcement on the Splendour Facebook page of the release date of this years ever anticipated lines up! 23rd of April will bring the giddy rumbles of anticipation!
The SITG page posted these notices:
Hey Splendid people, we have an announcement about an announcement! The LINEUP and TICKETING details drop next week on Wednesday 23rd April.
Details will include the on sale date, this is *not* the day tix go on sale.
Listen to triple J, watch Channel [V], check our Facebook page, follow @SITG on Twitter or @splendourinthegrass on Instagram, sign up for our newsletter on our website… Share with your friends and prepare yourself peeps
We are going crazy waiting for this line up – but at least we know that our jitters will be humbled only mere days from now!
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Something I Said (feat. Thom Crawford) – Thundamentals

Something I Said (feat. Thom Crawford) – Thundamentals

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This relaxing but extremely catchy song is written and sung by the fairly famous Thundamentals. The group consists of three hip-hop based musicians and rappers, and showcases their music style as a form of relaxed rap and hip-hop, supported by a calm melodic chorus.

I absolutely love rap, but am also a sucker for pieces with melody and meaning. Many rap songs consist of a beat and a rapper spitting about pointless or drowned topics. While the lyrics also seem silly and pointless, what hooks me in is the reggae, hip-hop mesh feel throughout the song. “Something I Said” is a song filled with an assortment of garage instruments and calm voices, and the undeniable catchiness shades the lacking lyrics.

In 2011, Thundamentals released their first single “Smiles Don’t Lie” which credited the three with a nomination in the Australia Aria Awards. The hip-hop trio are a rising success in the music industry and have fantastic potential into becoming very well known throughout Australia, and the world. Expect to hear more from this notably brilliant group!

I would highly recommend this song and group to any of my music friends; it is an extremely catchy and funky song which everybody can enjoy.


Mas Ysa - Why Review

Mas Ysa – Why Review

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Mas Ysa – pronounced Maas ee-sa - is the stage name of Canadian musician, composer and visual artist Thomas Arsenault. Combining strange drum sequences with a synth pop song and indie sounding vocals, I ended up leaving the song utterly confused.

His new single Why is out now as a prior release to his forth coming EP Worth and, quite frankly, based on this single I presume this album may be nothing we have heard of before or maybe what we wont ever want to hear again.

The song Why really did leave me asking “why”? Why is there an out of place drum sequence in the middle of your song? Why are you making a smoothie and playing hockey in your house? Yes, I understand there is a small reference to ice hockey in this song, but even the lyrics shy away from making too much sense to my frazzled mind. I started off not minding this song as it was something different and I’m open to revealing my ears to new things, but suddenly an un-expected drum sequence emerges and my attention completely left the single. From then onward it couldn’t quite redeem itself. Trying to defy the difference between the chorus and the verse is also a challenge, as the song doesn’t tend to differentiate much at all. I hate sitting behind a computer putting down the work of someone who would have worked really hard on this but really? I did, in fact, enjoy the piece for about the first minute and a half – before it became repetitive background noise.

I listened to another one of Mas Ysa’s tracks to see whether it was just this one single I couldn’t get into. But I think what is missing is depth to the music. The talent is most definitively there, his voice was striking  but for me Why really was a WHY! However, if you can bump to artists such as Hartebeest or Posse than you may like Mas Ysa.

Debut EP, Worth is available through Create Control and Downtown Records as of April 18th. ‘Why’ is available for purchase digitally at all outlets as well as instant download when you pre-order Worth on Itunes.

Oscar Key Sung – National Tour Kicks Off!

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triple j’s Home & Hosed Top Ten Australian Songs of 2013

“Oscar Key Sung is a star – the world just doesn’t necessarily know it yet.” Faster Louder
“…his solo project might be his most refined work yet.” Pitchfork

Oscar Key Sung is about to take his infectious dance-floor hits and minimalist slow jams around the country, heading out on a nationwide tour that starts tomorrow.

In celebration of the release of his debut EP Holograms, Oscar Key Sung will play a special warm up show in Bendigo before heading to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

One of Australia’s most prodigious indie talents, Oscar Key Sung’s markedly modern songwriting takes cues from diverse muses, fusing them together to create a brand new genre of distinctive alt-RnB.

Since emerging from the scene-defining Two Bright Lakes community as one half of Oscar + Martin in 2010, Oscar has received international acclaim for his refreshingly spacious productions, buoyant performances and a sumptuous voice that is reminiscent of a classic lineage of heart-on-sleeve RnB frontmen.

He has received rave reviews for his tracks and remixes on Pitchfork and for performances across the stages of some of Australia’s most coveted festivals.

Don’t miss your chance to see his rare talent live in a series of intimate shows across the country, where he’ll be joined by some inspiring local supports.

Bendigo opening act Bandits are an electronic hip-hop outfit that brings together a broad spectrum of beats from dance to psych and blues, and everything in between.

Lighting up both Sydney and Melbourne’s stages, Banoffee’s fuzzy synths, wonky beats and effected vocals melt together to create a delicious treat, while Guerre’s minimalistic approach and falsetto-laden soul vocals hit rhythm and blues at its core.

In Brisbane, Tincture’s smooth-garage inflected remixes have seen him quickly pegged as one to watch while Motion Picture Actress’ output has taken him from the tongues of the tastemakers, to the airwaves and onto the stages with big acts such as Lorde, Chet Faker and Oliver Tank.

Future tribal RnB goddess Mei Saraswati and talented multi instrumentalist Sid Pattni joins the line-up in Perth while the bill is full in Adelaide with special guests Swimming (Live), Flamingo (Dj set) and Big Bubba.

Tickets on sale now from moshtix.com.au

Friday 11th April – Star – Bendigo
With special guest Bandits

Saturday 19th April – Howler – Melbourne
With special guests Banoffee & Guerre

Thursday 24th April – Goodgod Small Club – Sydney
With special guests Banoffee & Guerre

Saturday 26th April – Alhambra – Brisbane
With special guests Tincture & Motion Picture Actress

Thursday 1st May – The Bird – Perth
With special guests Mei Saraswati & Sid Pattni

Saturday 3rd May – Rocket Bar – Adelaide
With special guests Swimming (Live), Flamingo (Dj set), Big Bubba

The Phoncurves – Lover Review

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It is easy to consider the Phoncurves off as adorable folkies but that is a little misogynistic and also rather narrow minded. For they are extremely talented songwriters with voices of emotional depth and musical ideas that extend well beyond an adorable folk tag. Their new single “Lover” is a perfect example of that and it is not even really folk, incorporating soul and vocals that slink and sigh.

Admittedly I may not be the best person to provide an objective review as I saw them at a gig once, fell in love with their music and later organised to play a gig with them. Or perhaps that is an indicator of just how highly I rate them.

The Phoncurves usually perform as a duo with copious uses of loop pedal but here they add a full band. However, the single “Lover” begins heavenly with those multi-tracked Phoncurves voices before Naomi Hodges cuts through with a resonance that catches unaware and Abbie Roberts provides harmonies. They take turns to lead with nuanced vocals without that contrived back-of-the-throat lilt that mars many contemporary female voices.

Filtering in and out of the lead vocal and multi-tracked choir vocals is what sounds like keyboard sampling their voices and it is a pleasant innovative touch. Drums and a bass guitar finish the mix to provide an overall feel of warmth and ennui but as the singers plead for their lover to stay it seems they are perfectly at ease no matter what happens.

Too often a great song in this style is marred by vocalists that feel it necessary to belt out the lyrics or else that contrived lilt drives me to run my fingers down a blackboard to take the sound away. But here the Phoncurves’ vocals are restrained and all the better for it, providing that indefinable soul that makes this song, just like its subject, a keeper.

And they are adorable by the way.


Chet Faker – Built On Glass Review

Chet Faker – Built On Glass Review

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Have you heard of the chart topping song Drop The Game by Flume and immediately fell in love with it? Well you would have heard of Chet Faker who featured alongside Flume on the EP Lockjaw. Recently releasing a new single called 1998 on Youtube Faker has everyone pumped for the release of his debut LP ‘Built On Glass’ which is set to be released on April 15th via Future Classic/ Downtown Records.

Melbourne electronica musician Nicholas James Murphy or better known as Chet Faker is sweeping the nation with his soul based electronic music and amazing breath taking vocals that leave you relaxed and in love. Recently tuning in to the hype of cover No Diggity by Blackstreet I can understand where peoples instant love for this man came from. Using his unique and sometimes fragile voice to accompany such a mood-changing genre I can understand why Downtown Records snapped him up in 2012.

On March 14th Faker released the song 1998 on Youtube as a Boiler Room recording which has already seen itself over 45,000 views. A way to describe this song would be a more soulful version of a Flume song but accompanied by the very withdrawn and fragile yet impacting vocals. This song is not yet for purchase but with his LP a soon to be release don’t miss out!

Being two years in the making Faker recorded, produced and mastered the entire LP himself while mashing Soul, Indie and House all together you receive ‘Built On Glass’ while lyrically conveying the message of a relationship that was doomed to fail this album shines a light onto a very unique but amazingly talented Chet Faker.


Pre order album here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/built-on-glass/id814148325

View single 1998 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_WnQ936oFQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chetfaker

BAM BAM Interview

BAM BAM Interview

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Our very own GMonster interviewed Bam Bam at Zillmere Train Station

How did you come up with the MC name BAM BAM?

Im a big fan of BAM BAM the character off the Flinstones. I think he’s fabulous and small like me and he’s just a little legend even with his yellow sash.

What was it like working with 360 and Allday?

Yeah great, they are both good mates of mine. I’ve featured on a mixtape with Allday previously and I’ve been a big fan of his for a few years now. 360 and I are really close and I’ve known him for about 10 years now so it was a given that we would work together.

What’s your fondest music related memory?

That would definitely be Sprung Festival 2012. That was the first big show that I was doing by myself. At the time I’d only released one to two mixtapes so all I was thinking about was ‘will anyone even know who I am?’ I was playing on the stage outside and it was pissing down with the rain and the ground had just turned into a swamp of mud. I just presumed then everyone would head over to the main stage because it was undercover. I was sitting in the shelter of the backstage van being super paranoid as it was my first proper gig. But suddenly I heard people chanting my name. My fist reaction was ‘holy f**k!’ So I rang my mum who lives in Bali immediately to tell her. The crowd knew my songs and it was just amazing to know people were actually listening to my music and knowing all the words. There’s no better feeling than knowing people are loving and being supportive of the shit you are doing.

How was the recording process for your new debut EP the good life?

It was a long one it was scattered out over a year just trying to find the right beats and the right producer. I spent more time on this EP because it was my first official release and I wanted it to be really reflective of me as an artist. Once I had everything recorded it was a long tedious process of mixing. So overall it took about a year. But it was worth it and I’m happy with the outcome.

Where did you draw your inspiration for the song Better Man (NOTE: My personal favorite off the new EP ‘The Good Life’ – Gmonster)?

The song is about my girlfriend leaving me after I became a mess.

When touring with 360 as his hype man we partied all the time and I found myself drinking a whole bottle of vodka and being a total party animal. I was a real mess. I didn’t know what to do when I returned home from the tour so continued partying. I was a piece of shit so my girlfriend left me and I don’t blame her. So this song just bled out of me onto the page. I write when things are affecting me whether it’s in a positive or negative way. I definitely felt better after writing it all on paper but the real challenge was narrowing that down into something that was less than 20 minutes long.

Do you have any tips for emerging hip-hop artists?

Yeah just keep writing, practicing. Go to as many shows as you can, get as many gigs as you can and network. Network with producers and anyone one you can. But most important, no matter how long you think the process is going to take keep going for it and get yourself out there and make yourself known.

Do you have any artists that you want to work with in the future?

At the moment I’m trying to work with Raleigh Ritchie who’s an artist from the UK. Apparently he’s on Games of Thrones* I don’t know I don’t watch that show. But I heard one of his tracks and I Shazaamed it then bought his album straight away. From then I knew I wanted to work with him so I’m in the process at the moment of trying to make that happen.

*Raleigh Ritchie is the performing name of Jacob Anderson, who plays the leader of Daenerys Targaryen’s Unsullied Army inGame of Thrones

Bam Bam was one of the most down to earth and relaxed musicians I’ve ever talked to who is truly dedicated to his art form. I hope to see big things emerge from his EP  which is OUT NOW.


Alison Wonderland presents the WONDERLAND WAREHOUSE PROJECT

Alison Wonderland presents the WONDERLAND WAREHOUSE PROJECT

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“Alison Wonderland has tapped into the musical zeitgeist.”
- The Music

Never one to think inside the box, Alison Wonderland announces her most ambitious and original project to date – presenting the ‘Wonderland Warehouse Project’.  Joined by shooting star Wave Racer and rising star Young Franco, the Sydney-based producer/DJ will turn a number of remarkable properties into temporary party temples as she embarks on a national tour of unique, secret Warehouse spaces.
Observing a growing wariness of the current generation of festive revellers, Alison has spent months personally scouring the country for spaces where she can throw the ultimate party.  Amongst a climate of ever challenging ideals around the future of live music as we know it, Wonderland boldly aims to create temporary respite to the stale nightclub circuit.
Wonderland says,: “I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me the last few years and I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than give them a truly unforgettable experience.  I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve, and am super excited that my m8s Wavey and Franco are coming too.”
Consistently rocking main stages at every festival worth its salt in this country, and on the back of her last run of sold-out dates, Wonderland has received the stamp of approval when it comes to knowing how to dishevel a dancefloor.
With the promise of new music in the coming weeks, the Wonderland Warehouse Project is set to be Alison’s biggest and most boisterous yet.  Bringing her extraordinary visual cube-show along for the ride, Wonderland will be hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast, on what will likely be her only tour of the capitals this year – which, if her last is anything to go by, will sell-out quickly.

with special guests Wave Racer + Young Franco
@ Secret Location
@ Secret Location
@ Secret Location
@ Secret Location
@ Secret Location
Tickets $25 – on-sale NOW from

Live It Up Festival 2014 – Official Lineup Announced

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LIVE IT UP came out swinging in 2013 as an emerging music festival with it’s sights set firmly on the kids.  LIVE IT UP is an under 18’s only music festival based in Brisbane announcing one of the most exciting line ups imaginable for music loving teenagers.

PARKWAY DRIVE are headlining the mainstage this coming June at the RNA showgrounds bringing their arena selling metalcore from Byron Bay via the globe especially for LIVE IT UP. VIOLENT SOHO’S achievements in the last 12 months have been astonishing and they have confirmed their place as one of the most exciting guitar bands ever to come out of Australia.

Closing proceedings on our outdoor stage are much loved indie rock quartet THE JUNGLE GIANTS.  These guys have honed their festival skills touring their hugely successful debut album “Learn To Exist”.  Adding to the diversity of the line up is Melbourne based hip hop star ALLDAY kicking it with his mates on the outdoor stage.

IN HEARTS WAKE join their mates from Byron Bay, PARKWAY DRIVE on the mainstage bringing their post hardcore to celebrate the release of their new album.  Both stages will be kicked off by two of the most exciting bands of rock n roll upstarts going around with LUNATICS ON POGOSTICKS and THE CREASES firing things up on their separate stages.

Big Bear Entertainment & Spotify Music presents








TICKETS www.liveitupfestival.com.au

Yacht Club DJs Interview

Yacht Club DJs Interview

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They’re known for their sick beats and their energy on stage so when I got told that I would be sitting down with Gaz Harrison from Yacht Club DJ’s, I had hoped that some of that energy would shine through in the interview and I was not disappointed.

Where did the name come from?
Oh shit, I couldn’t tell you to be honest, it has been so long. We (Gaz & Guy) didn’t know each other very well before we started but we had met. Anyways, he rang me one day and I was in bed, and he’s (Guy) just asked me if I wanted to start this laptop DJ thing and I had been doing heaps of turntable competitions and I was really into vinyl – so I was still carrying huge crates to gigs and stuff. So I said ‘no way man, I’m not doing the whole laptop thing’ and I hated the name laptop because it was a bit too cool at that stage. So his MySpace – that’s how far back we are going – name was Yacht Club and his picture was him dressed as a sailor so we just went with that. In fact, I think that’s exactly where it came from.

What gave you, either you personally or as a due, the initial push to become what/who you are today?
Ahh, I don’t know about Guy because he was a metal head but I grew up in a nightclub so it was never really something that I thought about, my first job was in that nightclub when I was ten, I didn’t really have a choice. It sort of lingered. I was always playing music but I think the thing that first got me really excited was electronic music and going in and watching the DJ’s when I was young – at a stupid hour of the morning. It just made me really happy. I was going to be a pilot and I was actually trained and like did all my courses and went solo, then I was going to be a brewer and working for Heineken and I was like travelling around all over the place working in breweries and doing a fully serious chemistry job and it just got me real down, so I just quit. Music is what makes me happy.

Do you feel as though you made the right choice?
Yeah, totally. I mean, it’s one of those things. I tell all my 16 year old friends, I got bullied into having a serious job when I was so young and the fact that I got so professional so fast is probably why I quit it, hey. I hated it. I was 19 and working 12 hours a day.

What do you think is the best event/gig that you’ve ever played at? Either you or YACHT CLUB DJs
Touring with Mumford and Sons, all around the world. Not many people know, it was like, massive. I’m surprised that people don’t know that we did tour with them. They’re like our friends now, we hang out with them all over the world. There was this one gig in Ohio, we’re on a football field and there were big bleachers up either side and every time we said OH, the whole 150,000 people crowd would scream Ohio – so I just kept doing it. It was just fully electric. It’s hard to describe. Marcus Mumford ended up coming out and playing drums behind us during our set and we all had our shirts off, being ridiculous, spraying beer everywhere. By the end of it, we all ended up singing Bohemian Rhapsody, full on karaoke style to this massive crowd. It was such a good experience.

What tune do you guys have that you feel never fails?
They’ve all failed, so. Laughs I don’t know hey. Probably um, shit, this is a really tough question. Probably Shout Fire Lou Lou, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that go badly – so I’d have to probably say that one, if I was to name one.

What is the funniest thing that has happened at a gig?
I can’t tell you that – otherwise I’d get into trouble. Okay, I have one. I’m a cop. I got really drunk in Oklahoma and this guy, called Big Mike, he’s in a really big US band. We went to Oklahoma early because it was a two day festival, we wanted to be tourists. I ended up driving around the campsite on a four wheel drive motorbike with Big Mike and doing weed and this is in the middle of the bible belt, right. So it was crazy. People were up at 6am singing campfire songs with their guitars – people bought bibles to the event. So we were drinking moonshine and partying with all these people and somehow I ended up in town, I had lost everyone, I remember being with everyone and then being in town with a cop pointing a gun at me saying ‘You are intoxicated’ and me just sort of swaying around saying ‘Come on man, don’t point your gun at me for being drunk’ but I think that made it worse. Eventually, I was on the ground, my tour manager had to drive into town to pick me up, and then like there were five cop cars following us down the highway to get us to where we needed to be. This Australian guy who was actually the production manager and comes up to me, and says ‘Dude, you’re getting deported’ and all I could say was ‘I was just drunk’. I was standing side stage with eight cops and they were just like undressing me with their words saying how I was getting deported, I would never be allowed back – things like that. Then the chief of police in an Australian accent now has just gone, ‘Only kidding mate, boys will be boys’. It was just a massive joke. Then he gave me a badge and fired their guns in the air and tells me about how I’m a deputy.

Do you have any words of wisdom for upcoming artists?
Ah shit. Don’t party to hard, basically. That’s all I can say.

If Guy is anything like Gaz, they are extremely lovely people and extremely talented and we cannot wait to see what 2014 brings for them and we wish them the best of luck!


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